Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev bring back legacy Edge’s search icon for PDFs

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has started testing a new search experience for PDFs in its Edge browser. Listening to user feedback, the company has added a new search icon that makes it easier to search through PDF documents. As noticed by Reddit user Leopeva-2, the update is available for Edge Insiders on the Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev channels.

The new Chromium-based Edge browser comes with a built-in PDF reader that brings the ability to open local/online PDF documents or PDF files embedded in web pages. However, the search icon, which was available in the legacy Edge, is one key feature that has been missing from the browser. Currently, users need to rely on the CTRL+F shortcut to search within a PDF file in the stable version of Edge.

Microsoft Edge Search Icon Pdf

Thanks to the new search option, Edge Insiders will now be able to use their mouse to activate the “Find on page” function. To use this feature, click the search icon on the toolbar, and you should see a little search bar open up. Finally, type the particular word or phrase you want to search and hit the enter button.

In addition to this, Microsoft Edge Canary has also added a new feature to the Web Capture tool to enable inking on screenshots. The “Draw with touch” option could be handy for users to like ink with pen and scroll with touch in the browser. The feature is only part of the Canary builds of Microsoft Edge (version 89.0.752.0 or higher), so it’ll take a while until it lands on the Stable channel.