Microsoft Edge Beta on iOS updated with support for LastPass, 1Password extensions, and 3D touch

Arif Bacchus

The Microsoft Edge experience on iOS is always evolving, and an update for the beta version of the app today proves just that. Those using Edge on iOS via Apple’s TestFlight program are now getting support for LastPass and 1Password, and 3D touch.

After installing the update, users of the LastPass and 1Password extensions should now be able to find them in the share sheet to help autofill passwords on Edge. On iPhones supporting Apple’s 3D touch feature, you’ll also notice that you can now hard press the Edge icon to jump directly into a new tab, InPrivate tab, voice search, or QR scanner.

The update and the features

The most recent update for Edge on iOS introduced iPhone X support. Anyway, it’s definitely great to see these new features come to the app. Knowing that Edge is now quite popular on Android, you can expect more features to be added soon to that platform as well.