Microsoft developing AAA Kinect shooter


Microsoft looks to be expanding the Kinect gaming lineup with a new AAA shooter game for the Xbox 360. Most of the previous Kinect releases have been aimed around sports or family targeted activities and this should add a new dimension to the platform.

Microsoft’s Game Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia, which used to be called Zipline Studios, is spearheading the development of the game. As reported by NeoGAF (via, a recent resume posting from Senior Artist and Art Director Shane Woods notes that the studio is “developing a core AAA shooter experience using Kinect.” This is a drastic shift from the studio’s previous projects which were targeted at creating social microtransaction games.

Microsoft also looks to be working with Epic Games in order to power the graphical requirements for the game. Recent job postings highlight the use of Epic’s Unreal Engine which has been used in countless high-profile gaming releases for over a decade.

With the recently added support for Kinect for Netflix, and the multitude of tech demos shown off at MIX11, Microsoft is firing on all cylinders and is taking advantage of the immense potential for Kinect across the PC and the console. A Kinect-based AAA shooter should only further cement its popularity and provide a distinctive edge against its competitors.