Microsoft demos Windows 10 for the first time, the Start Menu returns and more

Zac Bowden


Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of the Operating Systems Group has today demonstrated an early build of Windows 10, which focuses on the core operating system experience for the desktop side of things.

Belfiore states “We’re looking to find the balance, so that all the Windows 7 users get a familiar experience on the devices they already have.”

Windows 10 will include an improved Start Menu, which has live-tiles meaning the Modern UI and desktop can finally be friends. With Windows 10, new users will not have to learn how to use their PC as it will be natural and similar to what they already know and love.

There is also the ability to switch between multiple desktops. Microsoft has also changed the way Bing search works on the desktop. It’s now accessible from the search bar on the Start Menu, which incorporates local files, programs as well as Bing.

Microsoft has also demonstrated new modern UI windowed apps. Apps like Mail, Calendar, or any other Windows Store app will now work in the desktop environment, making them easier to use than ever.

Windows 10

Image credits: @thurrott, The Verge