Microsoft CVP laments the loss of Dropbox’s Mailbox, suggests Outlook as a replacement

Vu Anh Nguyen

Email provider Mailbox joined cloud services provider Dropbox in 2013, and after a few years under the Dropbox umbrella, Mailbox is shutting down today. Given the loss of the mobile email app, Microsoft corporate vice president for the Outlook team, Javier Soltero, has taken to the Office blog to make a case on how Outlook on mobile can be a great alternative for former Mailbox users.

In today’s mobile world, we believe email on your phone needs to be more than just for reading messages while standing in line for coffee. It needs to help you quickly focus on what matters and ignore what doesn’t. It needs to let you send better email more easily. It should make you more productive, not overwhelm you.

The first advantage of Outlook is how well it works with other mail providers, not just or Office 365 emails: the list includes Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, and more. Indeed, especially since Microsoft’s acquisition of leading mobile email app Sunrise and its integration into Outlook, the service has transformed completely and is now versatile enough to be chosen as default by more than 30 million people on both iOS and Android.

The second positive is in Outlook mobile app’s robust Schedule feature, which should feel “right at home” to former Mailbox users, according to Soltero. Several options have been added for scheduling messages depending on their importance, including to either This Week or Next Week, as well rescheduling, all with only a tap.

The new features will come via an update from the App Store or Google Play next week. We’ll be sure to let you know when things are updated, as well as when Microsoft pulls more of the features into the email app for Windows 10.