Microsoft cuts Zune Music Pass monthly fee by 33%


Microsoft is reportedly reducing the Zune Pass monthly fee from $14.99 to $9.99 begining on the 3rd of October. This plan will provide unlimited on-demand access to more than 14 million songs, but subscribers will no longer be able to keep 10 free songs per month.

Microsoft is also going to offer the ability to download songs and sync them on up to four devices. Subscribers can choose to sync on a PC and any combination of PC, Zune device, or Windows Phone.

Once Microsoft debuts the new Zune Music Pass on the 3rd of October, the $14.99 option with 10 free songs will no longer be available to new subscribers. Those that already have that plan will not have to worry about sudden cancellations as they can stay on their existing plan if they so desire.

This new plan will also be available for Canadian subscribers as well.

Microsoft is working on allowing subscribers to streaming music videos to their PC as well as stream videos to their Xbox 360.