Microsoft continues to offer open source professionals positions within Azure

Kareem Anderson

Once again, Microsoft is reaching for the open source trumpet and calling upon the community to help boost its growing cloud-connected platform, Azure. As Microsoft continues to evolve not only its business practices but its hardware and software services, the company has sought the help and collaborative spirit of the open source community.
With particular regard to Azure, open source development has led to advances in full server-side.NET stack, Linux support for manageable Apache Hadoop services and Docker containers. Building on the relative success of integrating its collection cloud-connected services with open-source development, Microsoft would like to extend its relationship with the community and is now seeking to hire developers with open source skills.
Recently, Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich extended the offer to work with Azure to a rather large gathering of open source and Linux developers in October of this year. At the All Things Open tech conference, Mark was quoted as saying, “Pass your resumes up.”
Following Mark’s generous extension, Mark Hill, the vice president for Open Source sales and marketing at Microsoft is looking to keep the line of communication open between the two organizations.

We have seen tremendous growth in Linux usage on Azure. Last fall, one out of every five virtual machines deployed on Azure was running Linux, and today it is one out of every four.

Microsoft is looking for developers skilled in various open source initiatives across a multitude of disciplines that include DevOps, Management, Applications, App Frameworks & Tools, Databases & Middleware and Infrastructure.
Microsoft is encouraging any and all interested open source devs and professionals skilled in the above areas to check out the job opportunities it has available.