Microsoft considers building “Expert Mode” search interface for Bing Chat

Devesh Beri

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As reported by SearchEngine RoundTable, Microsoft is exploring the possibility of creating an “Expert Mode” search interface for Bing Chat. The revelation came from Mikhail Parakhin, the CEO of Bing, who shared the prospect on his Twitter account. While the specifics of this potential feature are yet to be unveiled, it certainly indicates Microsoft’s commitment to refining its search platform to cater to a more knowledgeable audience.

Microsoft also started rolling out Bing Chat for Chrome and Safari.

The idea of an “Expert Mode” is not entirely new, as other websites and platforms have already implemented similar dual-interface approaches. These setups offer both basic and advanced search options, allowing users to choose their preferred level of depth when seeking information. One such example can be found in the travel industry, where major airlines, like United Airlines, have introduced an “expert mode” that grants customers access to comprehensive fare class information, including award availability and upgrade options. This additional data empowers frequent travelers to make more informed decisions and customize their flights according to their preferences.

The potential benefits of an “Expert Mode” for Bing Chat could be numerous. Advanced users, researchers, academics, and professionals seeking precise and comprehensive search results may find this feature particularly valuable. The interface could expedite obtaining detailed information on complex topics by enabling more sophisticated prompts and advanced filters.

While the exact appearance and functionality of the “Expert Mode” in Bing Chat are yet to be disclosed, its development could mark a significant step forward in Microsoft’s search capabilities.