Microsoft Connect(); 2017 event announced for developers

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft has revealed that November 15th through 17th will be the official days for this year’s Microsoft Connect(); event.

“From the earliest days of computing, developers have shaped the future and changed the world. We’re at a critical inflection point where cloud, data and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing how humans interact with technology. Connect(); 2017 will show how we’re empowering developers to lead this new digital revolution by creating apps that will have a profound impact on the world,” Microsoft’s Mitra Azizirad said in an official statement.

“Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie, alongside leading industry innovators, will share what’s next for developers across a broad range of Microsoft and open source technologies. In addition to live streaming the keynote from New York City, we have over 75 engineering-led, on-demand sessions and live hands-on training planned for this year’s event.”

Microsoft Connect(); is designed to educate and communicate with developers working in a range of fields such as apps, the cloud, Internet of Things, and AI through a combination of online sessions and hands-on training.