Microsoft confirms what we already know: Microsoft Rewards is rolling out in the UK

Jack Wilkinson

Microsoft Rewards

While we have already noticed the effects of this over the past week or so with us reporting that Microsoft Rewards is coming soon to the UK and eventually began rolling out, a spokesperson for the Product Group team of Microsoft Rewards has confirmed to On MSFT that Microsoft Rewards is indeed rolling out to its UK customers. Some users will notice intermittent issues during the rollout phase as features become enabled; for example, some may receive errors that Bing Rewards is only available in the US, while others will be able to access all features of Microsoft Rewards as expected.

In a statement given to On MSFT, a spokesperson for the company said:

Our Product Group has confirmed that the full functionality of some features for our UK users are slowly being rolled out.

To find out if you have access to Microsoft Rewards, head to, at the side will be a Rewarss section, click the link to join and try completing a few of the Rewards quizzes – if they work and points are applied, you’re now well on your way to earning some rewards from Microsoft for tasks such as searching on Bing (double points for searching via Microsoft Edge) as well as making purchases in the Microsoft and Windows stores.

Let us know in the comments if all is working for you!