Microsoft confirms ARM64 version of Microsoft Teams is in the works

Rabia Noureen

Surface Pro X

If you use Microsoft Teams on Windows 10 on ARM, you might have experienced performance issues. Microsoft Teams does run on ARM devices such as Surface Pro X, but it needs to run in Win32 emulation or via the web app with reduced performance. As of today, there is no native version of Microsoft Teams on Windows 10 on ARM, but this should change soon.

In an update posted today on the UserVoice forum, a Microsoft representative noted that Microsoft Teams for ARM64 is in the works:

We are excited to announce that we are currently working on making a native ARM64 version of Teams. We will share an update as soon as one is available.

Just as a reminder, the Electron team announced that its open-source framework had been recompiled for Windows on ARM back in 2019. Since this announcement, Microsoft didn’t provide an update about its plans to deliver Microsoft Teams for ARM64, until now. There is obviously no time frame for when we can expect the ARM64 version, so it’s hard to determine the exact development stage. However, at least, now, the company has promised to offer ARM64 support, so there is hope on the road ahead.

Judging from the comments section in the Uservoice post, a lot of users seem to be happy with this change. We’ll keep an eye on Microsoft Teams ARM64 version’s progress and let you know when an update is available.