Microsoft closes its Lumia YouTube Channel

Brad Stephenson

Lumia 950 running Windows 10 Mobile in Tokyo, Japan

An eagle-eyed Reddit user has noticed that the official Microsoft Lumia YouTube channel has been shut down. It’s unclear when exactly this happened though the Web Archive shows it as having been active as of November last year.

This isn’t too surprising given the fact that Microsoft has shifted away from the Lumia brand while it focuses on its rumored Windows phone reboot (possibly called the “Surface Mobile”). Microsoft also shuttered several of its Lumia Twitter and Instagram accounts as well though this happened almost a year ago.

Currently the Lumia Support YouTube channel is still live (latest video is over a year old) as is the official Windows Phone channel (last video was posted 2 years ago). The latter will likely remain online and be rebranded whenever Microsoft’s new mobile device comes out. It’s also worth noting that the Microsoft Lumia Facebook page is still online though it hasn’t seen any activity in 2017.

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