Microsoft chooses 14 market-ready startups to join their Shanghai Accelerator program

Brad Stephenson

Today, Microsoft announced 14 new market-ready startups that it has chosen to join its Accelerator program in Shanghai, China. The companies represent a varied array of technology sectors with areas such as big data, IOT, fintech, digital marketing, and even artificial intelligence all being covered.

“Innovative technologies like cloud computing, big data, AI, machine learning and IoT are driving digital transformation across the world and bringing new challenges and opportunities to every industry. Through Microsoft Accelerator Shanghai, we will share our advanced technologies, resources and experiences, and help more startups achieve more,”, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, Chairman of Microsoft’s Asia-Pacific R&D Group and Managing Director of Microsoft Research Asia, Hsiao-Wuen Hon said of the announcement.

General manager of the global Microsoft Accelerator program, Zack Weisfeld, was impressed with the level of talent Microsoft has discovered in China and said in a statement that, “We are seeing great innovation coming from Chinese startups who are achieving global success enabled by our Beijing accelerator. Microsoft is proud to be increasing our startup footprint and creating more opportunities for Chinese startups with our second accelerator in China.”

Microsoft Accelerator is a program that discovers and helps build up smaller companies that show a lot of potential. The Microsoft-run initiative offers mentorship, funding, investor introductions, technology training, office space, and more. In addition to Shanghai, the Microsoft Accelerator program is also active in regions such as India and Singapore.