Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella regrets abrupt termination of Windows Phone project

Devesh Beri

Surface Phone Windows 11

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella expressed regret for the company’s abrupt termination of the Windows Phone project in 2014. Nadella said that Microsoft “could have made it work by perhaps reinventing the category of computing between PCs, tablets, and phones.”

Nadella’s comments are a significant shift in tone from the company’s previous stance on Windows Phone. In the past, Microsoft has downplayed the failure of Windows Phone and has said that it is focused on other areas of the mobile market, such as enterprise software and cloud services.

However, Nadella’s comments suggest that Microsoft is now willing to admit that it made mistakes with Windows Phone. Nadella’s comments also suggest that Microsoft is still interested in the mobile market but that it is taking a different approach this time around.

In recent years, Microsoft has focused on developing software for Android and iOS devices. The company has also released its own Surface Duo device, which is a foldable Android phone. It is unclear whether Microsoft will ever develop a new Windows Phone device, but Nadella’s comments suggest that the company is open to the possibility.

Implications for the Mobile Industry

Nadella’s comments are significant for the mobile industry as a whole. Microsoft is one of the largest technology companies in the world, and its decision to abandon Windows Phone was a major blow to the platform.

Nadella’s comments also suggest that the mobile market is still evolving. Nadella said that Microsoft is interested in “reinventing the category of computing between PCs, tablets, and phones.” This suggests that there is still room for innovation in the mobile market and that new companies and platforms could emerge in the future.

via The Register