Microsoft to call the next generation Xbox console “Xbox 8”?

Zac Bowden

Microsoft’s next generation Xbox console has been hit with a lot of rumours recently, some saying that the next console had already been given to some developers. Today, another rumour is suggesting that Microsoft is planning to name the next Xbox the “Xbox 8”.

This would follow in the steps of Microsoft’s flagship product, Windows 8. Since Microsoft is unifying it’s UI across all it’s products, will unifying the name also help? The term “Xbox 8” may confuse the normal consumer who is aware of previous Xbox consoles. Knowing that Microsoft have only released two Xbox consoles within it’s time.

The report claims that Microsoft is “contemplating calling the next Xbox “XBOX 8.” Xbox 8 would sit inline with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Maybe Microsoft is unifying them because they are similar? Since Windows 8 has been rumoured to be able to make calls in the past, and it can already play Xbox LIVE enabled store games. Windows Phone is already doing this too.

Obviously the Xbox will not be able to make carrier calls, but a Skype app is in the works and is expected to launch soon. So that technically makes the Xbox call-capable.

Other rumours recently claimed that Microsoft was working on two Xbox consoles, one codenamed “Xbox Loop” and the other “Xbox Next”, this report claims that Xbox Loop is some kind of backwards compatibility option for older Xbox 360 games on the new Xbox. Also, they claim that Microsoft is working on a refined version of Xbox LIVE under the codename “Infinity”.

So, exciting stuff on the way for Xbox? We’ll see, since this isn’t official news from Microsoft. It could be false so take it with some salt.