Microsoft brings ninja cat to Lumia with handy downloadable packs

Staff Writer

Ninjacat on a T-Rex

The unusual Microsoft mascot of a ninja cat riding a fire breathing unicorn originated internally amongst Microsoft employees as a bit of fun. Since then, ninja cat has become quite the star amongst Windows users and it can now be found riding a narwhal and even a T-Rex.

Previously Gabe Aul gave away some wallpapers on Twitter as a reward for the hard work of Windows Insiders. Now owners of Windows phones can get in on the act without having to crop the images given out by Gabe. In the downloadable links below you can find each variant of the ninja cat categorized by screen resolution. Simply download the correct image for your device on to OneDrive and set it as your background or lock screen.

These mascots are a refreshing look at the playful side of Microsoft, something that has been hidden often in the past. We here at WinBeta are enjoying this new side of the tech giant, and I’m personally hoping to see a ninja cat riding a dragon in the future. Who knows where this will end; from wallpapers and stickers to perhaps TV and movies?