Microsoft brings back automatic media playback controls in recent Edge Canary build

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft brings back automatic media playback control flag in recent Edge Canary build

Microsoft seems to be working on new controls for Microsoft Edge to limit the automatic playback of video and audio media on websites, according to a user on Reddit. Users will be able to choose allow, limit, or block to “control if audio and video play automatically on sites.”

Microsoft previously had a similar feature in an older version of Edge Canary  via a flag, titled “Limit Media AutoPlay” which “algorithmically limits certain websites from playing media automatically.” The interesting thing about the new setting, however, is that is allows users to completely block automatic playback, which “may make some sites not work as expected,” according to its description. The option was/is available in the old Edge, but is making its first appearance in Edge Insider.

According to the users on Reddit that posted about these features, they come as part of the most recent build on Edge Canary, which is The post also mentions the feature as part of “Controlled Feature Rollouts in Microsoft Edge,” which means that only a handful of users will have the option to try it out for now.

Microsoft adds the option to "control if audio and video play automatically on sites" in Edge Canary, yes, exactly the same option that currently exists in the old Edge.
by u/Leopeva64-2 in Windows10

Additionally, the new build also includes improvements to dark mode, opting for slightly lighter hues in the Settings page. And for those who might have been using the Collections feature that was recently introduced, users should now be able to “Open All” webpages at one, similar to how Set Aside Tabs used work in the classic version of Edge.

Are you seeing the new automatic media playback flag in Edge Canary on your PC? What do you think of the other recent changes? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments are below.