Microsoft is bringing manufacturing and technology closer together, Satya Nadella says at Hannover Messe keynote

Arif Bacchus

This week at Hannover Messe, Microsoft partners, and customers are showing how the power of intelligent systems for air conditioning, elevators, and more, can bring new insights to help anticipate problems and provide environmentally friendly spaces in which productivity thrives. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was in attendance at the event, and he detailed how digital transformation is changing the face of manufacturing.

In his keynote address at Hannover Messe 2016, the world’s largest industrial technology fair,  Satya said that,

A digital transformation is remaking companies and their factories, bringing the intersection of manufacturing and technology even closer.

Satya also detailed that enabling that transformation are systems of intelligence that help companies gain insight and take action from big data, optimize their operations.

There are already several companies which use Microsoft products and intelligence to do so, including Siemens, Liebherr, Jabil, Rolls-Royce and Japan Airlines. In one instance, Siemens Healthcare, together with Microsoft, built a healthcare cloud platform for doctors, radiologists, and patients so they can collaborate on connected information. Then, at Rolls-Royce, advanced analytics and the cloud are used to help commercial jet engines improve aircraft efficiency, drive up aircraft availability and reduce engine maintenance costs.

Systems such as these, are not isolated, said Satya. He went on at the event to mention that the bringing together of IT and OT – the conversion of information technology and operations technology – “is pervasive.”

These comments from Satya, and Microsoft’s partnership with these companies seems to suggest that companies need to now aspire to consider all the constituents they serve, from citizens to organizations.