Microsoft Bing Chat upgrade reaches 99% completion, CEO Parakhin confirms

Devesh Beri

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Microsoft Bing’s CEO, Mikhail Parakhin, recently provided an update on the Bing Chat infrastructure upgrade status. According to his tweet, the upgrade is 99% complete and almost ready to go live. This upgrade aims to improve the speed and reliability of Bing Chat, as well as introduce new features like third-party plugins and a feature called “nosearch.”

Last week, Parakhin confirmed that Microsoft to bring Bing AI Chat to Brave and Safari web browsers.

The “nosearch” feature allows users to request that Bing Chat doesn’t use the web to answer their questions. This might be particularly useful in cases where users want to receive information solely from within the Bing Chat system rather than pulling in external web search results. This capability proves useful, particularly in scenarios involving coding, mathematics, and similar inquiries where web searches might not provide meaningful contributions.

Additionally, the upgrade will bring third-party plugins to Bing Chat. These plugins could extend Bing Chat’s functionality by integrating with external services or platforms.

via SearchEngineRoundTable