Microsoft Azure RemoteApp now available on Windows RT devices like the Surface 2


Microsoft Azure RemoteApp now available on Windows RT devices like the Surface 2

During TechEd this past May, Microsoft announced the RemoteApp service, aimed at allowing users to remotely access apps running on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft has now released the RemoteApp client for Windows RT devices.

“The desktop apps you publish through the Azure RemoteApp service, including Office and additional LOB apps can now be accessed from Windows RT devices where they otherwise can’t be installed. While the RemoteApp programs will appear to run locally, they are actually running in Azure and you can interact with them from your Windows RT device, helping keep your corporate data safe,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft Azure RemoteApp​, which is codenamed “Mohoro,” is currently in a preview stage. Once you install and launch the client, you will be presented with the Welcome page. Go past that page and you will be asked to provide the ID you wish to use to connect to the service. According to Microsoft, this can either be a personal Microsoft Account (Live ID) or an Org ID provided by your employer based on the resources you are trying to access.

Once you are signed in, you will be presented with the Connection Center which shows the list of apps available to you. If you do not have apps assigned to you already, you will be presented with a list of demo apps allowing you to test drive the service for five minutes. All you have to do is double-click on an app to get started.

Microsoft’s RemoteApp service is currently supported in the iOS, Android, and Mac OS X Remote Desktop apps, with support for the Windows Phone app on Windows Phone 8.1 coming in later this summer. Hit the download link below to be taken to the download page. Give this a try on your Surface 2!