Microsoft Authenticator iOS app can now send you security notifications about your Microsoft Account

Laurent Giret

The Microsoft Authenticator app on iOS can now do more than just enabling easy multi factor authentication for Microsoft and non-Microsoft accounts. Starting today, the iOS app can now send you security notifications about suspicious activity on your personal Microsoft account.

Once you’ve downloaded the Microsoft Authenticator app on your iPhone or iPad and set up your personal Microsoft Account, Microsoft says that you should be all set. “You’ll automatically start receiving alerts when we detect sensitive or unusual actions on your account, such as changing your password, adding a new phone number or email addresses, or signing in from a new device or unusual location,” the

These security notifications are also actionable, and in case there’s something unusual you’ll be able to quickly access your account activity to take necessary measures to protect your account. If you have tried it yet, you can download Microsoft Authenticator for iOS from the link below.