Microsoft Authenticator app updates on iOS with new password-free feature

Brad Stephenson

The Microsoft Authenticator app has updated to Version 5.9.4 on iOS devices such as Apples iPhone and iPad. This update coincides with the roll out of password-less sign-ins on select work and school systems with the release notes heavily promoting this new functionality.

Stop using passwords for your Azure AD account!

The capability to sign in without a password using Microsoft Authenticator across most sign-in surfaces is being rolled out. Upgrade to this new experience by enabling phone sign-in on your work or school account. You will begin to see a new login experience soon!

Go to Help menu > Get Started for more information.

Microsoft Authenticator works in a similar way to other authenticator apps and can be used to generate codes for secure logins. The app can also act as a second screen confirmation for logging into some Microsoft sites and services.

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