Microsoft aquires machine learning security company Aorato

Joseph Finney

Microsoft aquires machine learning security company Aorato

At the core of Microsoft’s business model is enterprise solutions. Creating compelling solutions for enterprises involves a few necessary factors including compatibility, security, and it must be financially sound. In light of Microsoft’s recent acquisition, all of these factors are taken into consideration. Microsoft has acquired Aorato, which is a machine learning security company.

Microsoft frequently talks about machine learning in relation to their Azure platform, but what Aorato does is different. Aorato uses machine learning to study a company’s network and identify malicious or suspicious activity. The technology works with Windows Server and can scale with hybrid clouds as well. Having technology which can grow with companies is important for Microsoft’s core vision.

Aorato’s technology works with Active Directory to understand the organizational structure of a company. Then Aorato studies the behavior of employees on the network and their patterns. When an anomalous pattern arises, the software will notify IT staff so they can evaluate the activity and determine how to proceed. This technology seems similar to how banks study account activity for fraud and can detect strange behavior quickly to take action.

Network security is essential to businesses everywhere because more capitol is being placed into digital formats. When a company is the victim of network attacks, it can be difficult to recover or properly identify what led to the attack. With a system like Aorato built into Window Server, companies will be able to identify and prevent attacks on their networks without overworking their IT staff.