Microsoft appears to be transitioning Windows 10 Mobile support to the Surface devices team

Arif Bacchus


Yesterday, we delivered you some new information that Redstone 2 and Surface Phone both might be coming April 2017. A day later, and after noticing a post on Reddit, we have some hints that Microsoft could be transitioning Windows 10 Mobile Support to the Surface team.

Fueling our report is the fact that after a hard reset of a Lumia 640 device running the latest fast build, a Reddit user noticed that their Lumia device was reported as a Surface device in the Contact Support app. So, we opened the app for ourselves on a Lumia 830 running Windows 10 Mobile Build 14322, and the same thing occurred (though our device has been upgraded straight through all of the builds, with no hard resets).

Our Windows Phone is now a Surface Device?

Similar to what the Reddit user experienced, tapping on the “My Surface” icon then redirected us to the Microsoft Surface Support page, which is seen below.

Surface Support page.
Surface Support page.

It is worth nothing, though, that nothing on the support page, or the contact support app, mentions “Surface Phone.” Although Microsoft has not yet commented on this, it is definitely an interesting find.

So, will you check and try this out for yourselves? If so, drop us a comment below to let us know if this same situation is occurring on your Lumia device!