Microsoft answers the most common questions from Office for iPad users


Microsoft answers the most common questions from Office for iPad users

It’s been a week since Satya Nadella made his first presentation as the new CEO of Microsoft, and some think he set the stage for the future with his unveiling of Office for the iPad. Right or wrong there are those who feel Ballmer suppressed this release in an effort to get customers onto Windows tablets — theirs is nothing wrong with that from a  business sense, but it isn’t really in keeping with how today’s technology market works.

While the release has been a runaway success, there have apparently been some customers with questions. Microsoft’s Tim Bush has been fielding these via both email and Twitter, and has decided to put together the most common ones he is receiving and post the answers as a resource for everyone.

None of this is earth-shattering to the tech-savvy, but there is little doubt that confused users exist. Bush points out the restrictions, for instance — “Reading, viewing and presenting your content is available for free and if you have a valid Office 365 ProPlus license you can also create and edit Office documents on your iPad. This license is part of the A3 SKU and the Student Advantage SKU within Office 365 Education so you can now provide this to your faculty and students”.

He goes on to talk about touch features, collaboration options, 365 subscription information and a lot more. You can read it all by following the link below.