Microsoft anounces Stream Collider, a new interactive gaming show on Mixer

Brad Stephenson

Stream Collider show on Mixer

Microsoft has just announced a new interactive show for its Mixer streaming service called Stream Collider.

Each episode of Stream Collider will feature a combination of video game streamers, YouTubers, and other influencers who will be tasked with completing challenges relating to a specific Xbox One video game. Some of the activities will involve actually playing the selected video game but others will require the guests to complete real-world tasks such as cooking.

The first episode of Stream Collider will stream on Wednesday, Dec 5th at 6PM PST and those who view the initial broadcast will be able to interact with it via the Mixer apps on mobile and Xbox One. No date for following episodes have been released yet.

It’s important to point out that, despite Stream Collider’s name and geek culture focus, the show has no connection to the popular Collider network of YouTube channels and podcasts.

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