Microsoft announces Windows Story Remix to transform videos and photos with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Kit McDonald

Build 2017 Day 2 is already underway and the floodgates have been opened. Today, Microsoft announced the big reveal of Redstone 3’s release: Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The premise is to build up what Microsoft has already laid down in the Windows 10 Creators Update launched earlier this year, empowering creators with more tools to be, well, creative.

One such of these announcements was the Windows Story Remix, a new UWP creative app from Microsoft. Powered with technology from Microsoft Graph, Story Remix lets users automatically store their video and images in a timeline that is best served up on presentation. It includes adding music, a theme, and even some fancy transitions as the ideal way to share memories. Your friends can even contribute if you let them.

What’s really interesting about this UWP is the ability to switch up the automatically created videos based on data. By selecting an actor, Story Remix cuts videos and images to focus completely on that person. Furthermore, changing music (powered by Groove) will completely change the way the Story Remix will create the video, making sharing easier than ever.


The Story Remix UWP is also very compatible with 3D objects and Windows Ink, opening up a world of creative opportunities for the more inclined. It will be available on the Windows Store later this year.

More is expected to come from Microsoft Build 2017 today, so be sure to check it out here OnMSFT.