Microsoft announces Windows Insider Anniversary Update June bug bash

Arif Bacchus


It has been a very busy Windows 10 news day, and along with a new Build, Microsoft has just announced the Windows Insider Anniversary Update June Bug Bash.

The bug bash was first teased at the end of an official post that announced the new build.  Microsoft is noting that the Bug Bash will be similar to the one seen in April, but will extend it to Windows Insiders. The primary reason for this Bug Bash, as per Microsoft, is to make sure they focus on developing what is important. Quests in the Feedback Hub will once again be used as the main mechanism in the Bug Bash to point users at the areas where Microsoft wants to focus on. The Bash will be cycled over 4 days next week, and will bring back over the weekend for even more feedback.

And so, be sure to stay tuned to us here at WinBeta, as we will most definitely deliver you more news once the Bug Bash is underway.  And, if you’re a Windows Insider, be sure to head over to the Feedback Hub to give Microsoft your thoughts on the latest build!