Microsoft announces thinner Type covers for Surface Pro 3

Hammad Saleem

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft finally took the wraps off the larger 12-inch Surface Pro 3, a tablet with an Intel processor under the hood. Along with the new tablet, the company also announced new Type Cover(s) which will hit retail in an array of colors. The new case is said to be thinner than the previous versions, and the trackpad on it is 68 percent larger than before. 

The new covers were also demonstrated at the event, how it overcomes the problems faced by the previous versions of the Type covers. “It is by far, even with the cover on, the thinnest [Intel] Core product ever created,” says Panos Panay. The Type Covers are available in black, purple, orange dark blue and light blue colors, and they are blacklit!

To make things even more convenient to the user, as Panay emphasized, you can adjust the Type Cover by “clicking into the screen”, which seals some part of the cover to the screen, providing you a better grip — much like you get on a laptop. This may not sound like a big deal, but will definitely come in handy in daily use. “Sometimes the most subtle innovation can have the largest impact,” told Panay.

Microsoft has compromised nothing in order to make the Surface Pro 3 better than the Surface Pro 2. You can pre-order the device beginning May 21st, starting at $799 for an Intel Core i3 version.