Microsoft announces Azure Stack Technical Preview

Kareem Anderson

The move to a public cloud for most businesses can result in a rather long transitional period. Fortunately, the first Technical Preview of Microsoft Azure Stack has been announced, to help enterprises with business concerns regarding on-premise and public cloud mixtures.

The Technical Preview of Microsoft Azure Stack is the company’s middle-man solution for a more business oriented hybrid cloud strategy. The Azure Stack is intended to help companies distribute Azure services utilizing their data centers and equipment.

Companies looking to try out the technical preview can look forward to a standardized architecture that includes a unified application model, common DevOps tools and the same portal already being used. Microsoft plans to release a series of Technical Previews that will gradually “add services and content as OS images and Azure Resource Manager templates to help customers start taking advantage of Azure Stack.”

On top of the new technical preview release, Microsoft is also seeing early adoption from open source partners taking advantage of hundreds of Azure applications and components from its GitHub repository that the company will eventually make available to Azure Stack. Of the partners taking advantage, Canonical is one who is also contributing validated Ubuntu Linux images that interface open source applications with Microsoft’s Azure Stack environments.

With that being said, details on the first technical preview involve a release this Friday, January 29, 2016, an eventual webcast hosted by CTO of Microsoft Azure and author Mark Russinovich and partner Jeffery Snover, Microsoft’s chief architect for enterprise cloud on February 3, 2016.