Microsoft adds high-definition 1080p images and other improvements to the Bing homepage


Microsoft adds high-definition images and other improvements to the Bing homepage

In an official blog post today, Microsoft has announced the addition of high-definition images, image captions, and various other improvements to the home page based on feedback. Here is what Microsoft had to say:

“Here on the Bing homepage team, we wake up every day thinking about how we can make the homepage even better, inspired by those of you who visit each day and take the time to tell us what you think.  Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re adding one of your most requested features – high-definition images – along with several other improvements.”

Starting today, Bing homepage images will be wide-screen and in high-definition. In other words, the images will be 1920×1080. Microsoft has also improved the “info” button at the bottom right of the homepage, allowing you to hover over it to reveal the new image caption and the ability to click on it to learn more or download the image.

Microsoft adds high-definition 1080p images and other improvements to the Bing homepage

Want to customize the carousel of trending topics? Now you can. You can customize your experience to follow news, stocks, weather, or even track a flight right from the Bing homepage. Head over to the Interests page to customize this. Don’t like the carousel? You can now minimize it.

At the top of the Bing homepage, Microsoft has now added quick links to Office Online, giving you convenient access to the productivity tools of the Office Online suite.

“The new HD image, image caption, and Office Online menu are available in all markets as of today. In most markets, you’ll get the HD homepage automatically. If you do not see it in your market, you can switch it on via Settings. Downloadable wallpaper is available in ten markets, while the news carousel customization and minimizing is available in the United States. Don’t forget to let us know what you think. We love getting your feedback. It helps us make Bing better every day.”