Microsoft to add Containers to Windows 10

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft has already announced plans to add two types of Containers to Windows Server 2016, but now it looks as if Microsoft may be adding containers to Windows 10 client too. Based on a report about a Microsoft job posting, Microsoft will likely be adding Hyper-V Containers to Windows 10 client sometime soon.
Here is the job listing description:

“There are a large number of client focused scenarios, currently unannounced, where Containers form the core pivotal technology providing security, isolation and roaming ability. To deliver this, we are creating a new team with a mission to impact client computing in the same revolutionary manner we are changing the datacenter. The Senior Program Manager who takes this challenge will own and drive the end-to-end container scenarios across Windows client. This includes driving large cross group initiatives to deliver a complete customer-focused vision. Your stakeholders will include multiple teams within and outside Windows, spanning multiple technologies such as user experience, security, storage, and Networking.”

It looks like Microsoft found someone to fill the position as the job post is no longer available. Adding Hyper-V Containers like Microsoft did with Windows Server 2016 Preview would add an extra layer of security to Windows 10. Rather than using a virtual machine to run a browser like Microsoft Edge, you could use a Hyper-V container to separate Microsoft Edge from other apps running in Windows 10. That way, hackers would not be able to attack other parts of the Windows 10 OS through Microsoft Edge, thus keeping your other personal data safe and secure.