Microsoft – Activison Blizzard saga is finally over, but they didn’t grab it all

Devesh Beri

A few hours ago, we posted that Microsoft’s colossal $69 billion acquisition of the video game publisher Activision Blizzard is about to happen in a few hours, and the time is finally here; the tech giant has finally successfully cleared the final hurdle, securing the official nod from British regulators.

The deal faced regulatory challenges on both sides of the Atlantic but finally received the approval of the Competition and Markets Authority in Britain. Microsoft agreed to license a portion of Activision’s business related to cloud gaming to Ubisoft to promote fair competition in the field. This concession aims to prevent Microsoft from dominating the growing cloud gaming market, ensuring competitive pricing and services for UK cloud gaming customers.

The acquisition is the largest in the consumer technology industry since AOL’s acquisition of Time Warner two decades ago.

In an official blog post, Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox, expressed his admiration for Activision, Blizzard, and King, emphasizing their significant influence on the gaming, entertainment, and pop culture landscapes. Spencer recounted his own cherished gaming experiences with titles such as Diablo IV and Guitar Hero, all developed by these studios.

In addition to celebrating the approval, Spencer reaffirmed Xbox’s commitment to inclusivity and fostering a culture that empowers everyone to excel. The “Gaming for Everyone” initiative places inclusivity at the forefront of Xbox’s mission, extending from its teams to the products they create.

The partnership will soon enable cloud streaming providers and players in the European Economic Area to access and play Activision Blizzard games. Microsoft plans to make more games available on a wider range of platforms, including Activision, Blizzard, and King franchises on Game Pass and other platforms.

Microsoft now has all the necessary tools for gaming to become a cornerstone of its business. With Xbox and PC Game Pass, cloud gaming, and a growing interest in mobile gaming, the scale of the opportunity is truly massive. However, Microsoft needs to execute flawlessly to fully capitalize on this opportunity.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s collaboration with Activision, Blizzard, and King games marks a significant milestone in the gaming industry. With the promise of new gaming possibilities and a commitment to inclusivity, this merger is an exciting development for players around the world. As the Xbox community continues to grow, we can expect even more groundbreaking innovations and advancements in the gaming industry.