Microsoft acknowledges issues in Windows 8.1 August Update, asks users to uninstall


Microsoft acknowledges issues in Windows 8.1 August Update, removes download links, asks users to uninstall some update files

Earlier this week, Microsoft released an upgrade to Windows 8.1 Update, dubbed as August Update. However, it seems that the installation files available through Microsoft’s website aren’t completely ironed out. After several complaints from users, the company has acknowledged issues in the August Update, and is now advising users to uninstall some of the modules from the computer. Additionally, Microsoft is currently investigating it and, for the time being, has pulled the download links

The company has acknowledged a few issues, such as inaccurate rendering of fonts, inability to recognize fonts residing in a location other than the default fonts directory, as well as a system crash that is leaving users with a 0x50 Stop error message.

For improper rendering of fonts, the company is now asking users to uninstall several update files. “Open the Programs and Features item in Control Panel, and then click View installed updates. Find and then uninstall any of the following update that are currently installed: KB2982791, KB2970228, KB2975719, KB2975331″

For system crash issues, the company has asked users to delete specific update files (the procedure is a bit long, and can be found at the via link below). As far as the fonts recognition from external directories are concerned, Microsoft wants users to read the instruction from its knowledgebase resource guide.

You can read all about it from the via link below.