Microsoft acknowledges Skype outage issues, looking for fix

Vu Anh Nguyen


You might have notice something funny with your Skype today. Which is appropriate, since Skype is experiencing a partial outage right now. Fortunately, the issue has been recognized and is being looked into, as detailed by a blog post on Skype Heartbeat (the team’s official blog).
The current issues with Skype includes: not being able to change status or to video chat with friends due to their status being offline (you can stil use instant messaging in some cases,) not being able to see changes to your account immediately, not being able to sign in, and trouble logging in the Skype Community.
The Skype team is “doing everything” they can to fix the issue, so we should expect the service to be back online soon. As a good sign, Tom Warren of TheVerge reported his Skype being back in business on Twitter just some hours ago.
Others are reporting that they’re still being affected, however.  Is Skype working for you?