Microsoft 365 Mobile for Android searches become more detailed

Kevin Okemwa

People-centric search in Microsoft 365 Mobile for Android

Microsoft has announced that it is making changes to how users interact with Microsoft 365 Mobile for Android through searches, especially when looking for information regarding a particular person. It is making the searches more detailed and accessible on a single tab with a new feature dubbed People-centric search.

The new feature will let you “zoom in on a person to view, explore, and search the content associated with her or him.” In turn, you’ll be able to find more information and content on a single tab, thus allowing you to acquaint yourself with the person fast.

The name of the person and all of the content associated with their nameThe contact card for the person with their contact, manager, and files shown.

According to Microsoft:

People-centric search also provides users with the capability to search the contact card (via People Answer and People Results on the People Tab), to easily contact a person and contextualize them by accessing their recent files and colleagues.

At the moment, when running a search on someone via Microsoft 365 Mobile for Android, you’ll only get files such as documents, worksheets, presentations, and more. However, if you want more detailed information about a person like media or notes, you’ll need to switch tabs.

This feature will prove to be handy, especially when attending a meeting with a new person. You can simply run the search and get detailed and insightful information about the person. The feature will be rolling out to Insiders running build 16.0.16216.00000 or later.

Microsoft also announced its plan to debut an accessibility assistant. A  new feature designed to help content creators make their work more accessible with less effort in Microsoft 365. It will help make content more readable across multiple platforms.