Microsoft’s $15 Billion cybersecurity business is growing fast

Kevin Okemwa


Last year, Microsoft disclosed how much their software company’s security business was worth which was totaling $10 billion in annual revenue and was “up more than 40%” year over year. This indicated that the product was at the top of the chain and was performing very well. (via CNBC)

The success could mainly be attributed to changes effected on Microsoft’s cloud business that saw it compete with other giants in the industry. It was Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella’s disclosure of the fast-growing cybersecurity business that attracted investors who all wanted a piece of the cake at this point. Based on the premise that the total revenue across the company was up just 14% from the prior year.

On April 26, Microsoft is set to provide a report on fiscal third-quarter results which will give investors the opportunity to check how well the business is doing given the rise in the number of ransomware attacks as well as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Based on an update made earlier this year, the business seems to be even more lucrative, where security was now growing at 45%. The acquisitions made by Microsoft could have played a role in this growth, which then saw the business’ revenue change to $15 billion a year according to the news report by CNBC.