Meta exhibits new AI tools similar to ChatGPT during a company meeting

Priya Walia

Image with the Meta Logo

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During an all-hands meeting held on Thursday, Meta’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mark Zuckerberg, disclosed a proposal to integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI) text, image, and video generators into its flagship products, including Facebook and Instagram.

The organization has authenticated a New York Times article that disclosed the employees being shown the preview of their new products, comprising ChatGPT-inspired chatbots intended for Messenger and WhatsApp. The said bots possess the capability of holding conversations using distinct personalities.

The meeting was held at the company’s headquarters situated in Menlo Park, which was streamed live to its global branches. Significant inputs were shared by the CTO, Andrew Bosworth, CPO, Chris Cox, and CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Interestingly, while Facebook’s parent company has been at the forefront of exploring generative AI technologies, it has been somewhat sluggish in implementing these innovations into its offerings.

At the meeting, Zuckerberg presented many AI technologies in different stages of development, with some intended for internal utilization but the majority designed for consumer use.

As an illustration, one of the updates in the pipeline would enable patrons to leverage a text command to edit their pictures and exchange them through Instagram Stories. Meanwhile, a separate development involves integrating AI agents with varying traits and features to provide assistance or amusement. The latter is presently targeted at employment in Messenger and WhatsApp.

Furthermore, the organization is organizing an in-house hackathon in July that concentrates on generative AI. The CEO has also recommended disseminating research findings and collaborating on AI technologies with the open-source community.

Meta, in February, underwent a reorganization of its AI initiatives to increase the implementation of the technology into its products, in line with its goals. In contrast, some companies have taken a more aggressive approach when incorporating generative AI tools into their products. For example, Microsoft has included AI in all its superior products, such as Office, Windows, and Bing. Moreover, a direct competitor of Meta, Snapchat, has launched its Snap AI chatbot.

Via The Guardian