“Messaging Everywhere” for Windows 10 Mobile spotted in internal Redstone 2 build

Kip Kniskern

“Messaging Everywhere” was a popular Windows 10 Insider feature that brought SMS messages from a Windows 10 Mobile phone directly onto a Windows 10 (desktop) machine, meaning you could read, and even reply to SMS messages right from your desktop.

That feature was pulled from later builds of Windows 10, not making the cut in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and Microsoft announced that moving forward they would be concentrating on bringing the feature to work within Skype.

Now, however, in a post on the Italian blog Plaffo, comes new hope possibly for Messaging Everywhere, as it has been spotted in a Redstone 2 build of Windows 10 Mobile. Plaffo was able to confirm a tweet by @CoreInsiderProgram:

In another tweet, the Twitter account says that Messaging Everywhere “made a comeback after all the negative responses its removal accumulated in the span of a month.”

As usual, we have to take these reports with some skepticism, as there’s no telling really where these users obtained unreleased builds, how current they are, or whether or not they’ve changed since they were obtained. As the Plaffo.com post says, we can’t be sure “if they changed their mind than when it declared in June or concerns a possible integration with the Skype app” (translated from Italian, thanks Microsoft Translator Edge extension!).

Still, Messaging Everywhere fans have some new hope that their feature might yet see the light of day. What do you think, should it be included with Skype, or build right in to Windows? Let us know in the comments below