Meet the new smartphone that runs Windows 10 Desktop and Android

Brad Stephenson


A group of tech enthusiasts have put their heads together and designed a new smartphone that runs the full version of Windows 10 (not Windows 10 Mobile) and has the potential to also run Android and other operating systems. Called, SyncPhone, this new device is in early development and is planned to ship in three models (SyncPhone, SyncPhone S, and SyncPhone Pro) once initial funding is met on its Indiegogo campaign page.

Each version of the SyncPhone features an aluminium shell, built-in stylus, and its own kickstand which tends to make it look more like a mini Surface Pro than a mobile device. The higher-end SyncPhone Pro comes with 8GB of RAM, 128GB of storage (with expandable MicroSD), a 20 MP camera, and an Intel® Atom™ x7-Z8700 CPU.
While the device initially looks and sounds impressive, there is the question of if having the full Windows 10 desktop on such a small screen would have any benefits beyond the initial novelty and if users would even use any of the apps not currently on regular Windows 10 Mobile-powered Windows Phones anyway. The kickstand is cool though. All Windows Phones should have built-in kickstands.
Those interested in getting their hands on one of these devices can buy one via donating at certain tiers on the Indiegogo page then once (and if) the page reaches its goal, models will be shipped to supporters by February 2016. A basic SyncPhone is currently being rewarded for US$199 donations while US$299 will get supporters a SyncPhone S and a US$499 donation is required for a SyncPhone Pro. Like all Indiegogo campaigns, donation rewards are only given to supporters if a goal is met and right now, with 30 days left, only US$549 of the US$750,000 has been donated. Is the SyncPhone something that excites you? Will you be supporting it? Let us know in the comments below.