Mass Effect video game trilogy remaster could be coming out in just a few months

Brad Stephenson

Mass Effect Legendary Edition on Xbox One and Xbox Series X

Singaporean and Indonesian store listings for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition have been spotted, both mentioning a March 12th release date for this remaster of the first three Mass Effect video games.

This Mass Effect re-release had been rumored for a while but things finally came to a head with in late-2020 with other store listings mentioning an October 2020 release for a Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered title. While the collection didn’t release in October, it was officially confirmed to be development with an announcement in November on the BioWare website. It was then that the name, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, was revealed.

According to the official announcement from last year, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be a remaster instead of a complete remake with improved visuals, resolution, and framerate. It was confirmed for a Spring 2021 release on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles with forward compatibility for the Xbox Series X. PC and PlayStation versions are also expected.

An entirely new Mass Effect video game is also in development though it’s not expected to release for a while.

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