Mashable mashes up yesterday’s big announcements with “6 LinkedIn Games”

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Yesterday was full of big announcements for Microsoft. The day started with CEO Satya Nadella revealing the company’s intent to purchase the professional network LinkedIn. Nadella and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner then discussed what this merger means for the future of productivity and intelligent cloud services at work. And at nearly the same time that Nadella and Weiner were fielding questions from stockholders, Phil Spencer was in Los Angeles with some significant Xbox announcements of his own.

At E3, Microsoft showed off a new console the Xbox One S, a new controller, a ton of exclusive Windows 10 and Xbox One games, and revealed the development of a new supercharged VR capable console dubbed Project Scorpio.

These are huge deals for Microsoft, but in a certain sense, they couldn’t be more dissimilar. And it is an oddity that at practically the same time one part of the company is talking about revenue growth from adding social selling capabilities to its CRM platform while another part of the same company is talking about new hardware that immerses you in post-apocalyptic VR worlds where you can slay zombies.

This disparity of this juxtaposition was not lost on the folks over at Mashable. Ryan Creamer of Mashable joked that the purchase of LinkedIn “opens up a whole new world of Xbox gaming” and he was shocked that yesterday there were no announcements of LinkedIn inspired games at E3. So Creamer decided to rectify this and suggested a few LinkedIn game opportunities. After some clever photo-shopping of Xbox One game cover art, Creamer had a list of six LinkedIn inspired games, some of which might actually be more entertaining than the dreaded staff meeting.

Here are a couple of the more noteworthy jokes titles.

Call of Duty Endorsements
Call of Duty Endorsements via Mashable

Mashable joke game
All Hands Meeting 2k17 via Mashable

Forza Morning Commute
Forza Morning Commute via Mashable

What LinkedIn games would you like to play?