Marvel’s She-Hulk theme is now live in Microsoft’s To Do on iOS and Android

Brad Stephenson

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Microsoft pushed out an app update to the To Do apps on both Apple and Android devices last week that added an official She-Hulk theme to the list of options available to users. The thing is, the She-Hulk theme, for some reason, wasn’t viewable within the app after installing the update. Even after performing a device restart.

Whatever the reason was for the delay, the theme is now visible within the themes menu and can be selected to decorate any list with the She-Hulk aesthetic.

Marvel's She-Hulk theme in Microsoft To Do app on iPhone
Marvel’s She-Hulk theme in Microsoft To Do app on iPhone

Here’s the release notes for the To Do app update on iOS and Android:

In this release, we added a She Hulk theme to the set of list themes. We also fixed a sharing bug for a seamless sharing experience.

Curiously, the theme doesn’t yet appear to be available on the Windows To Do app so any list with the She-Hulk theme on Android or iOS will simply have a black background when viewed on a Windows device.

This She-Hulk To Do theme is part of a larger collaboration between Microsoft and Marvel which has also included a dedicated TV commercial showcasing the Microsoft Store, Surface devices, and the Windows operating system.

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