Microsoft’s Marcus Ash talks about Cortana and the future in new interview

Zac Bowden


Marcus Ash, Program Manager for Cortana at Microsoft has today spoken about a number of different topics regarding Cortana in a new interview posted by the company. The interview asks Ash a number of questions about Cortana, and how Cortana will fare in the future.

In the interview, Ash claims that they want to doubledown with Cortana and make her a true personal assistant, which means in the future Cortana will be able to do things for you without your permission and such, much like a real personal assistant.

Not only that, but Microsoft wants Cortana to become even more human than she is now. For example, if you support England in the World Cup, and England lose or win, Cortana will reflect the fact that your favorite team won the world cup! If you did win, she’ll be happy, if you lost, she’ll be a little less enthusiastic.

Cortana is definitely an interesting assistant, and arguably one of the best virtual assistants on any operating system to date. Still, with Windows 10 around the corner, Cortana is only set to get better. What are your thoughts on the future of Cortana? Let us know below, and check out the interview which has been embedded below too.