March Xbox update improves Quick Resume, lets you customize Share Button on Xbox Wireless Controllers

Robert Collins

A number of refinements are coming to the Xbox Wireless Controller in the March Xbox Update. Perhaps most notable among them is the ability to customize and remap the share button. By default the button is used to take a quick screenshot or grab a video clip of gameplay.

With the Xbox Accessories App players will now be able to remap the Share Button to execute one of a long list of possible functions like opening the Friends List or even muting the TV. This feature was previously tested through the Xbox Insiders Program.

Another new improvement to the Xbox Wireless Controller is the Pin to Quick Resume feature. It allows users to pin up to two games to Quick Resume, and will let gamers have more control over the Quick Resume feature (which enables a game to be popped in and out of quickly, from the precise point where they were left off), whereas previously some games would randomly appear in the Quick Resume Menu and others would be dropped. Now, pinned games will only be unpinned if you do so manually or if the game updates.

This newest update also includes some firmware updates and the addition of an audio setup wizard that allows users to configure audio settings. These new improvements are just the latest example of how Microsoft is always striving to improve the Xbox experience.