#MakeItHappen: Microsoft Lumia helps British accountant learn Spanish for his wedding speech

Sean Cameron


MakeItHappen is the campaign launched by Microsoft Lumia earlier this month, December 2014, with rather a lofty goal in mind. Aware that New Year’s resolutions are often somewhat forgotten by the year’s end, it set about bringing 31 such dreams to fruition during the final days of 2014. 31 people would be helped to realise their ambitions, however odd, all to create some goodwill.

The latest such participant in this campaign is 28 year-old British accountant Ed. A resident of London, and quite quintessentially English, Ed did not speak a lick of Spanish before he became involved in the campaign, which proved to be something of an impediment given that his fiancée, A) is from Mexico, and B) lives in Mexico. With the help of #MakeItHappen, Ed learned just enough Spanish in the time given to be able to fulfill his goal of delivering his wedding speech in Spanish, even if not especially fluently.

As the #MakeItHappen campaign continues and the brand generates more goodwill, only time will tell what is next in the pipelines for the unsuspecting public.

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