Make even cooler stuff in Minecraft Pocket Edition or on Windows 10 with pistons

Kit McDonald

Minecraft on Windows 10 and Pocket Edition are still desperately trying to catch up to the PC version. Ever since Microsoft bought the popular sandbox phenomenon, Minecraft has been converted and tweaked for Windows 10 and Pocket Edition releases, but many of the key features of the game are missing still. It was only a couple of months ago that both versions finally got their hands on command blocks. Players were finally able to bring a functionality to their game that they felt was severely lacking. Today, Team Mojang has released another sneak peek to what players on Windows 10 and Pocket Edition will be getting next.

Aptly named The Friendly Update, players will be able to build even cooler stuff. Perhaps the most anticipated is the top-requested feature: pistons. The Minecraft community has been lobbying for pistons in Windows 10 and Pocket Editions since launch, a tool that makes the PC version of the game much more enjoyable. Both standard and sticky pistons will be made available to players, enabling complex buildings and contraptions that were previously impossible. The update also includes pig-riding for all of those players that love to ride their pork buddies!

In the sneak peek trailer released by Team Mojang, a player is seen riding through a Rube Goldberg machine that shows off some of the inventive creations that can be made within the updated version. The device was built by Blockworks, a team of architects and designers that create in Minecraft. The music for the video was provided by TheMusical Knight, a talented musical artist that creates Noteblock songs through Minecraft.

With a name such as The Friendly Update, we’re excited to see what else might be added in. The update will be available as a free download, as usual. While we haven’t been given an exact date to the release of The Friendly Update, we’ve been told that it will be happening “soon”. More details will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.