Major Nelson provides 10 tips to help prepare gamers for Windows 10

Dave W. Shanahan

Major Nelson provides 10 tips to help prepare gamers for Windows 10

In preparation of Windows 10 as it is released worldwide in about a week, Major Nelson has 10 tips on how gamers can get prepped on all the changes happening with Windows 10. There are a number of new and welcome changes coming to Windows 10, such as DirectX 12 and Xbox integration that gamers should be excited about.

Here are Ten Tips you can do now to make sure you’re ready to upgrade to Windows 10 on July 29.

1. Find out the latest features coming to Windows 10

Go to the Windows 10 FAQ, Windows 10 Blog, or Xbox on Windows 10 to find out all the cool new things you will be able to do on Windows 10 and see if your computer, laptop, or tablet device is ready to upgrade to Windows 10. You can also find helpful information on Cortana and Microsoft Edge as well as other new features coming with Windows 10.

2. DirectX 12

DirectX 12 graphics and performance with Xbox integration will make Windows 10 gaming better than ever. DirectX 12 promises to provide superb, crisp graphics and performance of your games, even on your out-dated hardware.

3. Xbox experience In Windows 10

For me, as a gamer, one of the best features of Windows 10 is the Xbox app. With the Xbox app on Windows 10, I will be able to stream Xbox One games and apps directly to your PC, as your Xbox achievements follow to any of your Windows 10 devices. Xbox delves deeper into the Windows 10 experience here.

Major Nelson provides 10 tips to help you prepare gamers for Windows 10

4. Verify your system requirements

To upgrade to WIndows 10 on your PC, laptop, or tablet, you can find the list of Windows 10 system requirements for your device

5. Reserve your copy of Windows 10 (if you haven’t already)

Upgrade to Windows 10 for free. You will need to upgrade to Windows 10 within one year of availability to take advantage of this offer. The Windows 10 Upgrade Offer is valid for qualified Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices, so go check out the Windows 10 upgrade offer details here.

6. Backup your data

It’s always a good idea to backup your data, especially when you are upgrading to a new operating system and Windows 10 is no exception. Sometimes things can go wrong, you might lose your internet connection as you upgrade or some other unknown problem may occur. There are many different Microsoft support pages detailing how to backup your system, like this one to backup your files on Windows 7.

Major Nelson provides 10 tips to help you prepare gamers for Windows 10

7. Download the necessary hardware drivers for Windows 10

Finding the right drivers is a necessity when you install a version of Windows and Windows 10 is no exception. Many hardware manufacturers already have new and updated drivers available for the new OS and many of them should be automatically available and installed via Windows Update.

8. Windows 10 games and apps 

When Windows 10 launches, there will be a new unified Windows Store, that will show games and apps across all Windows 10 devices. You will be able to browse and download games and apps on your PC, tablet, or phone as well as buy digital content like music, movies, and TV shows. Here is an unofficial list of PC titles that are compatible with Windows 10.

 9. Windows 10 Xbox controllers

If you prefer the Xbox controller when playing PC games, that’s not a problem. There is already a wireless adapter available for Xbox 360 controllers with a wireless adapter coming for Xbox One controllers sometime this fall.  You can use an Xbox 360 or Xbox One wired controller with your PC. 

10. Still need help about whether Windows 10 is right for you? Microsoft is here

If you still need help installing Windows 10 or have additional questions, check out the Windows Community Forum, or if you can’t find your answer there, post a new question. Microsoft will be offering phone and online chat support to make sure you are able to install Windows 10 as quickly and easily as possible.