Major Nelson hints at Xbox One bundle deals for tomorrow’s Amazon Prime Day

Kellogg Brengel

Tomorrow is Amazon Prime Day. The online retailer first introduced Prime Day last year as a way to entice new members and drive sales. The huge sale across a wide range of goods was extensively hyped by the retailer, and only Amazon Prime members could access the exclusive deals. Amazon Prime membership does cost $99 per year, but in addition to Prime Day deals, membership includes free two-day shipping on many items, and access to streaming libraries of music, movies, and TV shows.

After last year’s Prime Day, many felt that it wasn’t so much an exclusive sale. Rather it was more of a yard sale, with Amazon not including big deals for highly sought items. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson dropped a hint that makes it look like this may change for tomorrow’s Prime Day.

Major Nelson’s PSA for Xbox fans hints that there may be multiple Xbox One bundles on discount tomorrow on Amazon. Bundle prices have been dropping steadily this year, most recently with the Microsoft Store offering an Xbox One bundle for $279 with a $50 gift code. It certainly seems like Microsoft is keen on clearing some inventory before the Xbox One S is on shelves.

Tomorrow’s Prime Day might be a great time to pick up an Xbox One if you are in the market. Especially if you’re not interested in waiting for the Xbox One S, or don’t need its new features, like 4K streaming. Stay tuned for more news when the Xbox One bundles are announced, but until then you can browse the announced Amazon Prime Day deals here.