Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 8.1 to eventually be replaced with the Outlook app?


Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 8.1 to eventually be replaced with the Outlook app?

More tidbits about Microsoft’s recent company reorganization have come to light, including the Windows Embedded team and software side of the Perceptive Pixel team now being a part of the unified operating system division. Another tidbit that was revealed today by ZDNet is the possibility of a merger between the Mail, Calendar and Outlook apps for Windows 8.1.

“The, Windows Mail and Calendar app teams which were initially part of the unified OS group are now part of the Applications and Services group under Qi Lu. Specifically, they are part of the Outlook team in that group. I’m hearing this could result — at some point — in the Windows Mail and Calendar apps, which were built by the Windows 8 team, being replaced with the Outlook app that is now available for Windows RT,” a report over at ZDNet states.

The idea behind this is simple. Why have more than one email app on Windows when you can have just one? Eventually this will mean that the Outlook app, which comes with Windows RT as a desktop app, will have to be made into a Windows Store/Modern/Metro app. By merging the three apps, you can have one unified Outlook app with calendar features.

The Mail app that comes with Windows 8.1 was built to take advantage of and has already been optimized for a modern touch experience. It makes perfect sense to build upon this app and make it into an Outlook app.

Microsoft has yet to offer any official insight on this rumor, so treat it as such for now. There is also no word on if this would happen in the near future or if we would have to wait until the next version of Windows to see this happen. How would you feel about having the Mail and Calendar apps merge into an Outlook app?